Camping air mattresses may change our camping experience

At least, I think so. We, i.e., my husband and me, are essentially outdoor people. We loved going for camping, and hiking, before children arrived. Somehow, domestic responsibilities grounded us till kids reached their teens. Even so, we did not go out as often because teens, as you know, can’t be bothered with obeying parents. The couple of times, we went for camping was with my sister’s family, and my sister-in-law’s family.


An year ago, my husband met with an accident, and that forced us to stay indoors. My husband is obviously bored, and is now going through some good air mattress reviews. He still limps when he gets up, but camping should not be an issue with him. Moreover, we now have a small rice cooker, and coffee maker that is just perfect for camping. We can use these appliances with our car batteries. I am, in fact, making some coffee for him. My children are now mature, and if they can spare their time from their studies and jobs, we can look forward to a good time in near future. But my husband wants the group to be larger. So he wants my sister as well as sister-in-law and their families to accompany us. That can be cool because my sister-in-law’s older son is a good singer, and plays many musical instruments. The last time we went on camping, he was the one who entertained us and made that camp fire. He also went with my husband for catching that fish. They prepared smoked fish on campfire that time.

But considering my husband’s present condition, I think we would need something that gives him a decent height. My husband is besotted with this air mattress that he came across in one of those cheap camping air mattress reviews. He is asking my brother in law and his brother in law to purchase one too. I read through reviews, and I am convinced it is good for the outing we are planning around this fall. Everybody is so excited at the prospect. I hope the air mattresses these people are ordering will last and will not be damaged because of heat. I am also glad that this air mattress can be condensed in size to fit into a small bag, which is very easy to accommodate within my cupboard. That would have been a cause of concern otherwise.