Nonstick Cookware Sets You Need To Check Out

If you are new to the world of cooking, or simply want to fill your kitchen with new utensils every while, then you need to get a cookware set. Why? Cookware sets, as the name suggests, is a set that contains all the essential requirements for a chef or seasoned cook, meaning you’ll get everything in one box, without any hassle! For more cookware set reviews and buying guides check out cook with tina.

Most people say that cookware sets are more expensive and generally contain pieces that aren’t of much use, but just to clear up the understanding, they’re wrong! A general utensil costs from $20-$30, whereas one set costs a maximum of $200, which contains 15 or more pieces of equipment. That’s a price difference of over a hundred dollars, which simply cannot be neglected! So if you are thinking of buying one, we got you covered! This small guide lists the best cookware sets that you can buy this year for the most affordable price, with a guarantee that they will last you for a long amount of time!

Cook N Home 15 Piece Non stick Black Soft handle Cookware Set:

The first set in our list is one made by Cook N Home, as they can never be forgotten in the category of cookware sets! This set made by them is one of the finest, with the material construction being aluminum, and the addition of soft touch handles; one simply cannot find a better set in the market. To top all that, it also includes tampered glass lids, in the most affordable price possible!

T-fal B167SI Oven Safe 18-Piece Cookware Set:

This set is a little bit more expensive than the Cook N Home set we discussed earlier, but it’s all for the greater good! The set has 3 more pieces, and is non-stick, along with the durability required for dishwasher cleaning. The grip is very nice, and the Thermo-spot tells you exactly when the pan is fully preheated, allowing better and even cooking.

T-fal C067SC Metallic Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware Set:

This last set is also made by T-fal, as they are the finest in the cookware category, and this set doesn’t fall to disappoint as well! It is the most expensive than the others, and has fewer pieces too, but the company sacrificed quantity for quality, and the final result of their decision is amazing! The whole set is made of metallic materials, and has all sorts of utensils, pots, and pans, all with a non stick coating and an even heat base. The durability was also given an overhaul, and because of that, the set is now completely compatible for dishwasher clean up!


How I Found The Best Serviced Office For My Business


My fascinating story to the top actually started way back. From my tender age, going into business is something I have always wanted, and immediately I completed my college studies, I told to myself that this was going to bethe right time to start what I have always believed in. I was fully armed with my business plan and the right finances to go into the industry; all I needed was an office in town. Being new in the industry, I didn’t know where to start, I talked to a couple of friends who were already in business and they ordered I go for a serviced office in Kuala Lumpur. I had so much trust in them and I did exactly like they wanted me to. To cut the start short, it is now over 9 years since I went into business are below is I how I found the best serviced office.

First is all about flexibility; the kind of flexibility a serviced office comes with is important. My business does not have to be tied down to some sort of long term contracts. Besides, I am free to expand up or down depending largely on what I want. It is because of this that you need to go for a serviced office that gives you great flexibility; that alone will give you peace of mind. Secondly, location is important and it is one of the things I always tell people to consider, as well. The place must be safe and convenient for your clients and employees. The kind of utilities and services offered must be right and meet your business needs.

At the end, the amounts of things you need to consider before you find the best serviced office in Kuala Lumpur are virtually limitless. However, my advice to people going into business is; just like me, know what you want before you go out looking for a serviced office. It is always best to start that way.

How I Ended Up Buying The Wrong Elliptical Machine

Have you ever made a mistake or wrong decision when purchasing something, maybe something expensive? If so, you can probably relate to me more than you think. I’m going to take you down a perilous journey that ended up cleaning my pockets.

In 2012, right around Thanksgiving I’d been constantly reading Schwinn elliptical machine reviews as well as others. I hadn’t bought anything yet but I’d been waiting all year for the immense Black Friday sales that’d be coming up soon so I could get the best deals…hopefully. That didn’t necessarily pan out too well as I hoped.

I arrived late midnight at a Walmart but to no surprise there was a gigantic line of people that wrapped around entire building. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you’re a bit picky or specific on what you wanted but I was thinking nobody was after any Schwinn elliptical machines, I was wrong again. Apparently it was the perfect time for most people to buy fitness equipment and machines before they start of their New Year resolution.

Finally, the time struck for why I’d soon braced myself for entry into this packed building once it opened. Somehow random chaos always erupts and so it did this year like every other as a violent frenzy of confrontational customers stormed the doors! I had no choice but the go through as well.

When I entered this store a barrage of crazy people flew past me running and clinging onto any cheap thing they could get their hands on, you can’t take an elliptical machine though in one snag so I wasn’t concerned about that. I immediately made my way towards the back and sought out the fitness isle. Wow, to my surprise there was barely anything left except two elliptical machines and a bike! I didn’t care for the bike but more so about the machines, one of which was a Schwinn and the other being off-brand. I was thinking “Yes”, here’s my chance to get exactly what I wanted but the box that it was inside seemed rather damaged or a bit smashed. In a situation like this though, there was no time to waste. I figured it was due to frantic people snatching things carelessly so I took the Schwinn and bought it.

When I finally arrived back home safely after escaping the hellish traffic, I opened the box to discover that one of the metal posts had been smashed inwards by some kind of brutal force. Maybe when it was shipped to Walmart or something but I wasn’t sure, I tried to set it up regardless and I was unsuccessful. That’s when I read the back and uncovered the warranty stated this Schwinn elliptical machine model was released several years ago! So this thing thing was probably shuttled in the back for a long time and an employee must’ve barely noticed and placed it on the sales floor.

In the end, I did call the store to let them know what happened and they made it clear to me that this issue would be resolved very soon. So please be weary the next you’re in a rush to buy an elliptical machine, carefully read the important material and fully inspect it for anything damaged or broken; you’ll save yourself the hectic trouble.

Facebook & YouTube Ads Helped Us Target Our Audience Efficiently

I was never sure of whether investing in Ads would work out for me. Facebook and YouTube both provide advertising platforms and their success is well known, but I decided to do some research and find out if it was the right thing for my organization.

My first discovery was just how prolific these advertising services are: Facebook Ads in India, Sponsored Twitter results across Europe and Youtube Ads in Malaysia. I realized advertising on these platforms must be profitable because so many businesses and individuals, from so many cultures, choose to invest in them and report a good return on investment as a result.

What impressed me, as I discovered more about how Youtube and Facebook target their audiences, was just how useful this can be to connecting consumers and businesses. Globalization means we can all reach one another so much faster than ever before: it’s a wonderful thing, but it also means both consumers and businesses have so much more information to sift through on a daily basis. Services like Youtube and Facebook Ads have access to incredible amounts of data: they were the only people capable of effectively targeting my audience.

I decided to go with Facebook in the end because it’s where my target audience spends most of their time and I wanted to get the most out of it. The process gives you a lot of control and setup was surprisingly efficient, I set out in advance how much I wanted to spend and the advertising service automatically spends exactly that amount, or slightly less.

The entire process tracked itself and as someone who’s never used an advertising service before, I was comfortable with how easy the interface was to understand. It provides an outline of how many people you’ve reached and crucially, how they engaged with the advert.

I was pleased with the results, we were trying to reach a certain demographic and Facebook gave us that ability quicker and more efficiently than any marketing service I have used to date. Very impressed and the engagement rate was surprisingly high: over 10%.

Our next step is to increase the impact of our advertising by testing a few different styles of Ad, then using the interface to measure the success. I’d recommend it to anyone who knows their target audience and wants a quick, safe and transparent way to reach them.

Camping air mattresses may change our camping experience

At least, I think so. We, i.e., my husband and me, are essentially outdoor people. We loved going for camping, and hiking, before children arrived. Somehow, domestic responsibilities grounded us till kids reached their teens. Even so, we did not go out as often because teens, as you know, can’t be bothered with obeying parents. The couple of times, we went for camping was with my sister’s family, and my sister-in-law’s family.


An year ago, my husband met with an accident, and that forced us to stay indoors. My husband is obviously bored, and is now going through some good air mattress reviews. He still limps when he gets up, but camping should not be an issue with him. Moreover, we now have a small rice cooker, and coffee maker that is just perfect for camping. We can use these appliances with our car batteries. I am, in fact, making some coffee for him. My children are now mature, and if they can spare their time from their studies and jobs, we can look forward to a good time in near future. But my husband wants the group to be larger. So he wants my sister as well as sister-in-law and their families to accompany us. That can be cool because my sister-in-law’s older son is a good singer, and plays many musical instruments. The last time we went on camping, he was the one who entertained us and made that camp fire. He also went with my husband for catching that fish. They prepared smoked fish on campfire that time.

But considering my husband’s present condition, I think we would need something that gives him a decent height. My husband is besotted with this air mattress that he came across in one of those cheap camping air mattress reviews. He is asking my brother in law and his brother in law to purchase one too. I read through reviews, and I am convinced it is good for the outing we are planning around this fall. Everybody is so excited at the prospect. I hope the air mattresses these people are ordering will last and will not be damaged because of heat. I am also glad that this air mattress can be condensed in size to fit into a small bag, which is very easy to accommodate within my cupboard. That would have been a cause of concern otherwise.

My Very First Quilt

I remember back in 2005 when I had just graduated college and my mother had just given me one of the best sewing machines that was sold in WalMart that year. I had asked her to get me a machine for my birthday and I was praying for the best sewing machine on Earth! Imagine how excited I was to have this super sewing machine that exceeded my expectations.

I mean, you would have thought that I had won the lottery by the way I was jumping up and down! It was crazy silly! After receiving it, I remember trying to figure out what my first project would be and thinking that I would be some sort of high paid wedding dress seamstress or something of that nature. You see, I had never sewn anything with a sewing machine before but I was determined to make something happen. You know how it is, you have a new toy and you have to play with it. Right?

Generally when I get new things or new hobbies I try to blow them out of the park so that I’m the absolute best person I know at doing these things. Being that I got one of the top rated sewing machines in consumer reports, I could have sworn that I was automatically qualified to make something absolutely spectacular. So there I was with my new toy and I finally came to a decision that I was going to make a quilt. Yeah, I know right? Out of all the things in the world, I choose a quilt!

Free Quilting Pattern

I didn’t “show up empty handed” though. I came equipped with a great quilting book, a video that came with the new sewing machine and a slew of really awesome sewing feet. (By far my favorite foot was the one that made the button holes!) So, there I was cutting out fabrics and joining them with my new machine and suddenly I realized that I had sewn the cloth completely wrong. Where I was suppose to sew the two “face” sides together I had done a front and back side! I had already completed so many quilt squares by the time that I discovered my mistake that I was very upset.

I learned a very valuable lesson that year with my new sewing machine. It was that not even the best sewing machines out there can fix stupidly and lack of observation from the novice seamstress. I’m just glad it wasn’t a wedding dress for a paying client. So much for being the seamstress of the year, huh? the way, the quilt took me over 5 years to complete but it is one of the most noticeable decorations in my home and I get compliments all the time!

Even if you are not the best at sewing, keep at it because even if it takes five years, it is worth the satisfaction of finishing it that you get and it is worth the years of pleasure you get from viewing it every day as it adorns your wall!

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